Creating a franchise is not an easy job and you can find many obstacles because in addition to the knowledge about your business you will need experts in legislation, design, marketing, business optimization, programming, web positioning, etc.
But this should not scare you, ÁGORA FRANQUICIAS was created to help professionals who like you want to expand their business under the franchise system.

Steps to follow to franchise a business.

  • Is it Franchiseeable?

    The first thing to consider before franchising a brand is if it is franchiseable. Franchising is, in short, to replicate a successful business, so that progress can be made by having a business that does not depend on specific conditions, such as craft businesses, or those that depend almost exclusively on the use of a unique location.

  • Optimize the process

    We must ensure that the business is optimized, that is, the way in which it operates is the most effective. The extensive experience in Lean Manufacturing and business management of Ágora technical team will allow us to help you detect those points that generate unnecessary costs and help you achieve the best results.

  • Create an attractive image

    An important point of a franchise should be your visual identity. Through the franchise, we give away the use of our brand that is not just a name or a logo, but the decoration of our premises, the design of our catalogs, letters or web pages, photographs, videos, fonts … The whole set of elements Audiovisual that identifies us and that should be attractive both to attract end customers and potential franchisees.

  • Legal and administrative formalities

    At this point we can start the series of legal and administrative procedures that we must complete in order to expand under the format of franchise in compliance with current legislation and with a guarantee of seriousness.

  • Writing the manuals

    We must be able to convey to future franchisees the way in which we operate and manage our business as a result of our experience, this is what we know as know-how. To do this we must gather the knowledge acquired and translate it into manuals and learning courses that are useful to those entrepreneurs who want to be our franchisees.

  • Search Franchisees

    With everything ready we must advertise our new franchise and search in various means and channels entrepreneurs who are interested in our concept or investors who find our proposal attractive. And to convince them we must study the potential of the franchise in your area and help them with financing, administrative procedures, etc.

  • Contract signature

    When signing the contract is when the true work of the franchisor begins, he must strive to keep his franchisees attractive conditions of profitability, support them, solve their doubts, manage their supplies, etc.

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